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My Secrets for Writing an Effective Email Newsletter

Well, it's no longer a secret. After putting together 70+ issues of Cloud Accounting Weekly, I'm shar
January 29 · Issue #72 · View online
Cloud Accounting Weekly
Well, it’s no longer a secret.
After putting together 70+ issues of Cloud Accounting Weekly, I’m sharing how I do it, including a live walkthrough of my favorite app for newsletter curation, Revue.
Email newsletters aren’t just for people in sales. They’re about building your personal brand to the point that you don’t need a resume anymore — everyone already knows who you are and what you can do.
If you’re interested in elevating your own personal brand, check out my recorded webinar “The Art of the Newsletter for Lead Generation” on YouTube. And please let me know what you think!
As always, here’s my summary of the best cloud accounting links I clicked on this past week.

The Art of the Newsletter for Lead Generation - YouTube
Video: The Art of the Newsletter for Lead Generation
Marketing masterclass for accountants intro video
Marketing masterclass for accountants
Practice Management
The case for the five-hour workday The case for the five-hour workday
Big Data, Open Banking And The Close Process
Future of the Profession
2018 Predictions for Cloud Integrators in the Accounting Ecosystem
Amazon opened its first Amazon Go store in Seattle this past Monday. There are no cashiers — you scan in via a mobile app, take what you want, and go.
It is being called the store of the future. Amazon opened its “Amazon Go” store in Seattle on Monday. There are no cashiers, you just walk in the store, grab what you want and go! Take a look inside.
8:02 AM - 23 Jan 2018
CNET took a trip inside:
What it's like to shop at an Amazon Go store - YouTube
Amazon Go is of course just one example of the automation revolution that is coming to the world of work. For further insight on what that all means, read Robert Wolcott’s article on LinkedIn (originally published in the Harvard Business Review):
How Automation Will Change Work, Purpose And Meaning
Net Neutrality
The best way to explain Net Neutrality yet comes courtesy of Burger King. Yes, you heard me right. A fast food restaurant:
Burger King
How would you explain the repeal of Net Neutrality? We did it with the Whopper. Watch the video below:
6:07 AM - 24 Jan 2018
FreshBooks CEO Mike McDerment on SaaStr
Kashoo's new Bookkeeping & Taxes pitch
Kashoo adds bookkeeping and tax services
Artificial Intelligence
Slack Hopes Its AI Will Keep You from Hating Slack
The 7-Step Guide To Achieving Inbox Zero—And Staying There—In 2018
Introducing the security center for G Suite
Thanks for reading, and have a great week!
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