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The Rise & Fall of Working from Home

Cloud Accounting Weekly is now Own Your Close, a newsletter for management accountants, controllers,
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The Rise & Fall of Working from Home
By Blake Oliver • Issue #50 • View online
Cloud Accounting Weekly is now Own Your Close, a newsletter for management accountants, controllers, and providers of outsourced accounting services. For more accounting technology updates, tune in to the Cloud Accounting Podcast.

My top story this week is about a New York based public relations firm that tried and failed at allowing employees to work remotely
The conclusion is that as work has become more team-based, 100% remote work arrangements fail because remote work is not ideal for collaboration.
If you ask me, that’s a poor excuse. 
While it’s true that it takes more effort to collaborate as a team when working remotely, it’s definitely doable. Plenty of firms do it. 
See Basecamp for an example. Or one of the many small accounting firms that are completely virtual, such as Catching Clouds.
Remote work fails when managers let employees work remotely but don’t change the way they manage those employees. More importantly, managers have to figure out how to measure employee performance based on outcomes, not attendance. 
For managers used to managing by “walking around,” that’s a change most of them are not equipped to make.
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